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The Berkshire breed is believed to have originated from Wantage in 1790, which was then in Berkshire. 
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The cutest British Lop piglet and his gorgeous snout routing in the straw

British Lop Pig

The British Lop Pig is currently the rarest of all British pigs, and is classified on the RBST list as “Vunerable” meaning there are less than 300 registered breeding sows.
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A lovely tamworth orange piglet in the straw


Originating in the Midlands, the Tamworth is the closest to the traditional pig that would have roamed the woods of Britain in medieval times and whose ancestor would have been the wild boar.
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Kune Kune

Kune Kune pigs (pronounced Kooney Kooney) were probably brought from Southern Asia to New Zealand by whalers who traded them with the Maori people.
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A Gloucester Old spot sow with lots of piglets - very cute!

Gloucestershire Old Spot

The Gloucestershire Old Spot or Orchard Pig has been around for about 200 years.
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