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Animals for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any of the animals, please fill in the enquiry form below.

Someone will contact you by phone regarding the animals you have requested and give you the availability and cost.

With all the animals that we sell we ask that you have a suitable companion for the animals you are buying. If you do not already have a suitable companion we will only sell a pair or more.

Please remember that you must have a CPH number if you wish to purchase sheep, goats or pigs.

Animals For Sale

Weaners – various breeds – please contact for details

Bottle fed lambs – please contact for details


Trumpington the Tamworth boar and one of his wives resting their enormous heads on the fence

An example of the Tamworth breed

Davos - SV august 2017

An example of the Swiss Valais breed

A Golden Guernsey nanny goat with her new born kid

An example of the Golden Guernsey breed

A nanny bagot goat with her new born kid

An example of the Bagot goat breed