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A lovely picture of a Wyandotte chicken with lovely markings


The Wyandotte chickens originated in America and are named after a Native American tribe.
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A Marsh Daisy cockerel with his harem of hens

Marsh Daisy

Originates from circa. 1880 by cross breeding different breeds of chicken, with further cross breeding in 1913 to produce what we have today.
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A lovely light sussex chicken

Light Sussex

The Sussex is one of the oldest breeds in the UK.
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A gorgeous orange coloured buff orpington cockerel enjoying the sunshine

Buff Orpington

The Orpington is a sweet tempered bird and because of it’s size does not need very high fences to stop it straying.
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Chicken coup - with farmyard chickens

Farmyard Hens and Cockerels

A complete mixture of breeds which are much more flighty than the docile pure breeds in the other pens.
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