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There appear to be two theories as to the origins of the Bagot goat. They could be from feral (wild) stock already native to Britain, or they could have been brought to Britain during the crusades by Richard the Lionheart, who gave them to Lord Bagot of Staffordshire.

roundupWhatever the origin they made a very attractive parkland breed, and the ability to survive on rough grazing made them easy to keep. Unfortunately over time they could not compete with the more productive goats and of course sheep. They are choosy animals which do not accept outsiders easily hence the difficulty in breeding. The Bagot is known for being “of nervous disposition”, its reproduction is low and there is no real commercial value to this breed – but it is very striking to look at as you can see.

This small-medium skittish goat has the most beautiful set of swept back, incredibly pointy horns (spare a thought for the person who has to work with them). The main body is white and the hair is long. They have a black head with a white blaze, black neck and shoulders and some have dark markings on the hindquarters.