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Introducing our three, wooly alpacas, who you may see roaming around the farm with the staff.

Alpacas originate from South America and are bred from the wild Vicuna which is now a rare and protected species. They are in the camelid family, just like llamas, which also includes the Asian camel, Vicunas and Guanacos.

They are believed to have been domesticated thousands of years ago in Northern Peru and are depicted in much of their ancient artwork.

Alpacas have soft padded feet which helps pasture they graze on to stay undamaged for years. They also have no top front teeth, so they are very gentle grazers. Alpacas and Llamas come in 22 different shades of colour starting with white and ending with black, with every other natural shade in between. Like your pet dog, alpacas can respond to their name being called; why not try it out?