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Star crossed Lovers

Star crossed Lovers

19/02/2013 – Lynn News
First lambs born at Church Farm were on Valentines Day – Gill McCoy the livestock manager with the two Norfolk Horn lambs Romeo and Juliet with the ewe.

New arrivals Romeo and Juliet are the first lambs to be born at Church Farm, Stow Bardolph this year. The pair of Norfolk Horn lambs arrived on Valentines Day and were joined by twin Bagot goats on Sunday. Livestock manager Gill McCoy said: Romeo and Juliet are lovely and growing very well. Its been a slow start to the lambing season but the rest of the Norfolk Horn flock are looking huge. We would hope for each ewe to have twins, although some have singles and some have triplets. We have seven different breeds and some other breeds naturally lamb later in the year. The farm’s resident Suffolk Punch mare Belle is also expecting a foal at the end of April.

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