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Sponsor an Animal

Unfortunately we are unable to offer sponsorships at the present time.

Sponsoring an animal at Church Farm will help you to keep in touch with your animal’s progress and give it an extra bit of loving care whenever you come to visit.

It shows that you have a specific interest in that animal and are keen to know more about the animal and their specific needs and problems during your season of sponsorship.


If you would like to sponsor any animal on the farm, this is how you can do it and what you will receive.

1. You may sponsor any named animal e.g. Tigger – Pygmy goat
2. Your sponsorship will run for 1 year from the date of payment
3. You will receive:

  •  2 complimentary day passes
  •  Your name on the sponsorship board located outside the shop
  •  A photo of the animal you have sponsored
  •  A certificate of sponsorship
  •  A description of the animal breed and characteristics of your specific animal
  •  Church Farm stationery set

Animals available for sponsorship this year are:

  • Suffolk Punch Horse  £45
  • Sheep                        £25
  • Pigs                           £30
  • Donkey                      £35
  • Goat                          £25
  • Giant Rabbits            £25
  • Guinea Pigs              £25
  • Rabbits                     £25
  • Chickens                   £25

Please ask for details at the till or give Wendy a ring on 01366 382162.

Don’t forget sponsorship makes a good present for a loved one.

lambing swiss valais
Bernard and Belle our beautiful Suffolk Punches enjoying the sunshine