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Church Farm – What is Open?

Church Farm – What is Open?

What is Open

  • The gift shop will be open with social distancing measures, however at this time please do allow your child into the shop
  • Delicious cakes, biscuits, light lunches, hot drinks and ice creams are available to take away and eat outside. The outside tables will be arranged in accordance with social distancing, please do not move them around. These will be kept sanitised.
  • The outside loos will be open and cleaned regularly.
  • We will be doing animal tasks (e.g. goat training,donkey grooming, washing sheep, meet the rats etc.) for you to watch and enjoy whilst observing the social distancing
  • THE OUTDOOR PLAY AREA –  (including the trampolines) will be open everyday and regularly cleaned 
  • THE TOY TRACTORS – will be open everyday and regularly cleaned
  • PIG RACING WILL BE TAKING PLACE – 2.30pm everyday
  • THE SAND PIT will be open – but please bring your own sand toys
  • THE FOOTBALL PITCH  WILL BE OPEN – please bring your own ball
  • CHURCH WOOD will be open to walk around. We have added some new things to the walks and lots of ideas of games to play around the wood
  • TRACTOR RIDE – will be open but with a reduced number of people. It will be a shorter ride and FREE.
  • ANIMAL WALK – This is NEW and FREE. We will be taking a walk around some of the paddocks and feeding the pigs Lily and Poppy.
  • PETTING PENS – now open including piglet petting.

What is not open at the moment

  • The inside eating areas will not be open yet
  • The inside play area will not be open yet