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Once Upon a time at Church Farm

Once Upon a time at Church Farm

Once Upon a time at Church Farm

30/10/2013 – Lynn News

Fairy tale themed fun at the Farm

Once upon a time, during the half-term holidays, children donned their finest fancy dress and headed to a fairytale farm in Stow Bardolph for a magical day out with their families.

The team behind Church Farm’s makeover chose a fairytale-theme for this year’s event and transformed different parts of the farm into Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom, the wicked witch house from Hansel and Gretel, Grandma’s house from Little Red Riding Hood and a training field for the Three Little Pigs.

Wendy Langston, of Church Farm, said: “We do a different theme every year, last year it was Robin Hood and we’ve done Pirates and Cowboys and Indians before. As long as it’s not scary because most of the children who come here are primary school age.

“We like to use natural resources from the farm and the animals in each theme so this one worked really well.”

Despite Monday’s stormy weather, the farm saw 250 people heading to enjoy a day of crafts, quizzes and games on Tuesday.

Miss Langston said: “The weather was dire at the start of the week but we’ve been nicely busy since then. We’ve had lots of activities for the little ones including pig racing and agility, and the chance to make a troll mask.

“We’ve had some love comments so far and all the children have been dressing up – we’ve had lots of princesses and even a Karate Kid. We have a fancy dress competition every day.”

There is still the chance to join the storytelling celebrations by helping to plant magic beans, decorating sweets or milking Daisy the cow before the event finishes on Sunday.

This marks the start of a busy festive season at Church Farm, with Christmas shopping starting next week and Father Christmas arriving in December.

Miss Langston said: “There will be a special woodland retreat to visit him in before watching a nativity featuring live animals.

“We love Christmas here at the farm, it’s beautiful but a very busy season for us.”

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