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Swiss Valais Blacknose

Swiss Valais Blacknose

Although the earliest mention of these sheep dates back to the 1400’s this large framed docile mountain sheep was first recognised as a separate breed in 1962. It has adapted well to life in the high mountains and grazes even on the steepest, stoniest slopes. The black patches on its nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks and feet against the  otherwise light woolly coats make it quite unmistakable.  They are mostly found in the mountains of Switzerland.

Valais Blacknose sheep are known to be good for their meat as they are large animals, they are also well known for their wool, which is best used for felting and for carpets.

 These sheep are very rare and their are only a few thousand left. Their existence is currently threatened by the recent return of the Wolf to Switzerland.

lambing - swiss valais - 2016

Sheep - Swiss Valais Blacknose