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A Christmas Present for Church Farm

A Christmas Present for Church Farm

28/12/2011 – Lynn News
Joseph arrives in time for Christmas

A NEW arrival has proved to be a real scene-stealer at the Church Farm Christmas festivities at Stow Bardolph.

The black, white and grey pygmy kid goat arrived as a Christmas surprise early in December and staff penned the nanny and her off-spring together in the shepherd’s section of the Nativity scene, where both creatures would be warm and cosy.

The following morning however there was no sign of either and staff soon found the nanny goat in with her pygmy goat friends, but there was no sign of the new-born kid.

By now there was concern for the young kid’s welfare because it had been a very cold night.

Livestock manager Gill McCoy continued the search in earnest, carefully handling the straw beds in the sheep pen, the donkey pen and twice through the goat pen, he was still nowhere to be found.

He wasnt in the Three Kings luxurious scene, nor the census area and not even under the crib, said Gill, who finally heard a feint kid-like sound coming from the corner of the inn scene, where the goat simply stretched and stood up, totally oblivious to the panic he had caused.

I was just relieved to find him warm and content and then returned him to his mother – in the rightful pen. We’ve named him Joseph and he seems to be enjoying his part in the Nativity, as children pass by on their way to see Santa, said Gill.

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