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Animals for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any of the animals, please fill in the enquiry form below. Your name will then be added to the waiting list.

The price of the animals varies considerably and it is not always possible to let you know the price at the time of an initial enquiry.

When your name comes to the top of the list someone will contact you by phone to confirm whether you still want the animals you have requested and give you the cost.

With all the animals that we sell we ask that you have a suitable companion for the animals you are buying. If you do not already have a suitable companion we will only sell a pair or more.

We cannot guarantee when animals are coming up for sale, but we will contact you in plenty of time should something become available.


Animals for Sale Now


Tamworth Weaner x 1 – born 08/02/17 – £50 each                            Available End June

B Lop X Saddleback Weaners x 11 – born 22/02/17 – £50 each     Available End June

B.Lop x Saddleback Weaners x 8 – born 22/02/17 – £50 each        Available End April



Donkey Colt (entire) – born Jan 2016 – £350                                       Available Now





Brown Layer Hens (POL) – £20 each                                               Available Now

Bluebell Layer Hen born  (POL) – £20                                              Available Now

Lavender Pekin Cockerels x 3 – £5 each                                         Available Now



Bottle Fed Pet Lambs from £45 each                                        Available in March

Semen straws for Sale from our Swiss Valais Blacknose

Ram “Highland Brady” – £90 per straw                                      Available Now








A farmyard chicken sitting on the sign for holding eEaster chicks

Brown Layer Hens – almost POL

A white wensleydale lamb with fantastic ears

An example of the Wensleydale breed

A Golden Guernsey nanny goat with her new born kid

An example of the Golden Guernsey breed

A nanny bagot goat with her new born kid

An example of the Bagot goat breed